Best Chinese Food When Sick?

Best Chinese Food When Sick
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  • By Dr. Emma Suttie, AP and D.Ac.
  • Everyone is more likely to get sick with a cold or the flu when the seasons change, particularly when the temperature goes from warm to cold.
  • The good news is that nutritional treatment is one of the cornerstones of Chinese medicine, and it offers a vast arsenal of foods for warding off illnesses like the common cold and the flu.

You may also strengthen your immune system with a variety of foods and herbs, which will not only assist you in recovering from your current illness but also ensure that you have the greatest possible health for the remainder of the cold and flu season.

  1. The following is a list of the foods that, according to traditional Chinese medicine, are the most effective for treating colds and the flu.
  2. Eep in mind that traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, which means that these remedies have been tried and tested throughout the years and have proven to be effective.

This picture is from of The Chinese dish known as “Jook,” which is similar to chicken soup, is called congee. In China, we eat it for morning as part of our culture, but it also has medicinal uses and is used when we are unwell. Rice and water are the two main ingredients in congee (about a 1:10 ratio of rice to water).

Whether you have a heat type of cold or flu, characterized by symptoms such as severe fever, mild chills, sore throat, sweating, and thirst; or a cold type of cold, characterized by symptoms such as severe chills, profuse, clear discharge from the nose; mild fever; no sweat; headache; and general aching; additional ingredients may be added.

It is very easy for the body to digest white rice, which not only makes the spleen happy but also reduces the amount of work that the body has to do at a time when it should be concentrating all of its energy into combating the virus. Although congee may be eaten at any time of the year and is not only tasty but also healthy, it is most commonly consumed during the winter months due to the fact that it is both warming and nourishing. Best Chinese Food When Sick Congee made with chicken and corn is beneficial to one’s health and longevity. Recipe for Ginseng Congee, a Winter Congee That Fights Colds and the Flu Best Chinese Food When Sick Best Chinese Food When Sick Best Chinese Food When Sick In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is one of the plants that is utilized the most frequently. Because garlic may be used in so many different ways to treat medical conditions, you should always have some in your kitchen. Ginger is a pungent-tasting plant that has a warming effect on the body.

Lungs, spleen, and stomach are all affected by its action. Ginger reduces vomiting by warming the middle burner, which in turn heats the lungs, so putting an end to coughing. It does this by transferring heat from the interior of the body to the exterior, which in turn induces perspiration, which helps bring down a fever.

It is possible to reduce a fever by increasing the amount of perspiration that is produced by adding a couple of slices of raw ginger to some water that has been brought to a boil and then drinking the resulting tea. If you have a cold or the flu, you may grate some fresh ginger, put it in an old sock, tie a knot at the top of the sock, and then place it in a warm bathtub.

  • This is an additional effective technique to utilize ginger.
  • This is a really effective method for bringing on perspiration and bringing down a temperature.
  • Additionally, it will leave you with a tantalizing aroma.
  • The following infographic does a wonderful job of highlighting some of the medicinal benefits of ginger.

The wonderful infographic that can be seen on is the source of this photograph. Bone broths are used medicinally in a variety of traditional cultures across the world due to the myriad of health benefits they provide.

  1. In traditional Chinese medicine, bone broths are considered potent Qi and blood tonics.
  2. One of the reasons that bone broths are so beneficial to human health is that they are prepared with the bone marrow of the animal.
  3. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, the kidneys are responsible for producing the marrow, and the marrow contains kidney Jing.

Jing is something that we get from our parents at birth, and it is something that is extremely valuable and essential to maintaining a healthy body. Things that can deplete our Jing include working too hard (or partying too much), not getting enough sleep, being under a lot of stress for lengthy periods of time, and giving birth.

  1. Both men and women experience a loss of jing when they ejaculate and when they have an excessive number of infants in a short period of time without adequate time to recuperate; nevertheless, consuming bone broth allows us to regain our jing essence.
  2. Jing depletion leads to premature aging and an acceleration of the aging process.

For this reason, maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is of the utmost importance. When it comes to maintaining one’s health and living a long life, the objective is to store up valuable Jing. Due to the fact that bone broth is basically formed of Jing, consuming it is incredibly beneficial for tonifying one’s Jing.

  1. Since bone broth is so effective in boosting the immune system, it’s a smart decision to make if you’re sick with any condition, but especially the common cold or the flu.
  2. This picture, which can be found on Honey has a flavor similar to sweetness, but its energy level remains unchanging.
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The spleen, stomach, lung, and large intestine are all affected by honey’s properties. Honey helps ease spasms and discomfort, in addition to tonifying the Qi of the middle burner and the lungs. Honey also soothes pain. Because it is so effective at adding moisture to the interior of the body, it is an excellent choice for usage in conditions of intense heat, which may be exceedingly drying. Best Chinese Food When Sick Improves the function of the immune system It soothes coughs and sore throats, cures wounds and burns, and assists in the healing of ulcers. Constipation is relieved, sleep quality is improved, and sports performance is increased. Best Chinese Food When Sick This picture, which may be found on Due to the many curative effects that garlic possesses, it is one of the herbs that is utilized all over the world the most. It is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine, which is the traditional medicine practiced in India.

  1. Additionally, it is utilized in Chinese medicine, which is my personal favorite and is also utilized in the traditional medicine practiced in most of Europe.
  2. As an efficient therapy for poisoning, it initially appears in Chinese manuscripts more than two thousand years before the common era as part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Additionally, it is renowned for its efficacy in fighting infections and ridding the body of harmful bacteria. In traditional Chinese medicine, garlic is classified as a warming herb. It is utilized to assist the spleen and stomach in the digestive process and to assist in the elimination of dangerous bacteria.

In addition to being an effective immune system enhancer, it is known to purge the blood of cholesterol. Additional miraculous curative effects attributed to garlic include the following: Anti-bacterial Anti-microbial Anti-fungal Anti-viral Anti-parasitic Utilized most frequently in the treatment of infections that affect the upper respiratory tract Used preventatively for infectious disorders that affect both the digestive and respiratory systems Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the bloodstream Used for the treatment of worms (ringworm and threadworm) Increases the flow of blood Causes one to perspire more It is effective against yeasts, particularly Candida albicans, and eliminates them.

Inhibits viruses and other microorganisms, including cancer-causing ones, that are connected with degenerative disorders. Cleanses the body of pollutants, including potentially lethal metals such as cadmium and lead Ear infections can be alleviated by using one drop of garlic oil in each ear canal once day.

Garlic used topically as a poultice reduces the swelling caused by boils. It gets rid of worms. Treatment for conditions such as diarrhea, dysentery, snake bites, warts, hepatitis, TB, hay fever, asthma, and asthma. Consuming one raw garlic clove before consuming potentially contaminated food or water will protect against dysentery when traveling.

Consuming one raw garlic clove per day is an effective preventative measure against the common cold and influenza. Tea made from garlic is effective for treating poison oak, poison ivy, and nettle stings. Encourages the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines Best Chinese Food When Sick Garlic’s therapeutic properties are found in the oil, which is also the location of the pungent odors. Because of this, taking garlic in tablet form, which eliminates the pungent odor, is not an effective method. You are leaving out all of the important aspects that promote healing.

  1. Taking a clove of garlic, crushing it up in a spoon, and eating it raw is, in my experience, one of the most effective methods to consume garlic.
  2. Although it is strenuous, this is the most effective technique to ensure that you receive all of the therapeutic effects.
  3. You may do this on a regular basis as a preventative measure, or you can start doing it as soon as you see the first symptoms of an illness.

You should probably make sure that you have some juice to follow it with, and despite the fact that it is intense, it is really effective in preventing illness practically every time. You may learn more about garlic and the remarkable healing capabilities it possesses by reading the article titled “Why Garlic Should Be Your New Best Friend.”,

What meal is good when sick?

What foods to consume when you have a cough and a cold are as follows: – When you have a cold or a cough, some of the most beneficial foods you may consume are as follows: Try your hand at creating some Broth, or better yet, go out and get some Bone Broth! When you’re not feeling well, this is the most nourishing food you could possibly eat.

Chicken Soup – Chicken soup is an excellent source of protein and vegetables, and the broth is very nutritious. Just what you were looking for! Honey – When I have a sore throat, honey is the only thing that helps ease the pain. It soothes your throat temporarily by coating it and providing some comfort.

Tea is one of my go-to beverages, and when I’m not feeling well, I drink a lot of it. Warm beverage not only hydrates you but also soothes sore throats and might be helpful for those who suffer from sore throats. Oatmeal — Oatmeal, despite its lack of flavor, is nevertheless a healthy grain.

What is Chinese comfort food?

Variations in Cuisine Across Regions China is a large country, and much like the United States, many regions have their own distinct cuisines and tastes when it comes to eating. The following is a brief overview of the various culinary options that are available to your student: Beijing is famous for its street cuisine, which is often prepared with black soy paste, sesame paste, sesame oil, and scallions.

The food in Beijing is also known for its culinary history. The Peking Roast Duck, the Hot and Sour Soup, and the Moo Shu Pork are some of the main meals. Guangzhou Guangzhou is the center of Cantonese cuisine and is known for its many types of meat, dishes that are liberally adorned with garlic, and tastes that are crisp, tender, and smooth.

The food of Chongqing is a fusion of Sichuan cuisine and regional specialties like hot pot and the iconic tongue-numbing mala spice. Chongqing is located in the province of Sichuan. Chengdu The food in Chengdu is known for its robust tastes and spices, including as chili peppers from Sichuan, garlic, and sesame seeds.

Mapo Tofu, Dan Dan Mian, Chao Shou Dumpling Soup, and Hot Pot are among the most famous dishes served at this restaurant. Sugar is a popular ingredient in dishes prepared in Shanghai, and it goes particularly well with soy sauce. Dishes like as Sweet and Sour Ribs, Beggar’s Chicken, and Lion’s Head Pork Meatballs are quite common.

Students from Hong Kong may have experience with a range of cuisines, including Western meals, due to the city’s status as a global crossroads where people from all over the world congregate. Cantonese and Chaozhou cuisine, on the other hand, are quite well known in Hong Kong.

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Is lo mein or rice better for you?

You put in a lot of work at the gym, and after you’ve done a good job, you like to treat yourself to some Chinese takeout. (You’ll notice that we said sometimes.) However, you do not want to give up all of your discipline because then you would feel like the offspring of Jabba the Hutt and Bastard the Fat.

  1. Which dish, fried rice or lo mein, do you think is going to be better for you? The solution in a nutshell is lo mein.
  2. Yes, both foods are often served with a generous amount of sauce, but the rice has the regrettable added disadvantage of having been cooked in oil first.
  3. According to registered dietician Jennifer Agustines, who practices in the Tampa area, “you can’t create fried rice that tastes better unless you prepare it on your own.” If you want rice when you go out to eat, your best chance is to order an entrée that comes with rice as a side dish, such as chicken and broccoli with steamed rice.

Lo Mein, on the other hand, is often prepared using egg noodles, which are a superior choice to conventional white pasta due to the additional protein that is provided by the egg yolk in the former. The fact that the noodles are doused in soy sauce, which has a very high sodium content, is a drawback, but the sodium content may be easily reduced by using less soy sauce.

  • Agustines offers the following piece of advice: “Ask for the sauce on the side so you can control the quantity that you put on.” He also recommends ordering a version that is laced with a protein such as shrimp or chicken and asking for more vegetables to be thrown in.
  • Always going the extra mile to personalize things is a good idea.” One order constitutes a single serving at P.F.


Should you eat fast food when sick?

When you’re unwell, skipping meals might hinder your body’s capacity to recover itself and restore its health. When you’re unwell, you can have a need for junk food, but eating those things won’t help your body get better.

Is pho or ramen better when sick?

Presented by Phoebe Grealy as her argument, Phoebe is now a bona fide pho-natic after spending a year in Hanoi. She is able to defend the supremacy – not to mention the right pronunciation – of the comforting Vietnamese noodle soup for all of eternity.

  1. Phoebe can also discuss the correct pronunciation of the dish.
  2. She claims there is a reason why families have been passing down their top-secret secrets for pho soup for generations, and that reason is because it cannot be compared to anything else.
  3. Here are six reasons why pho is undeniably the most revered broth in this part of the world.

Sick? The correct response is pho. Hungover? Pho. Is it chilly? Pho. Although ramen is excellent, pho is not just a delectable soup but also a miraculously curative dish in its own right. Because Brisbane’s Vietnamese soup game is so strong, you won’t have to go very far or very hard to get a superb bowl of pho in this city.

  1. Even before we get to the pho meccas of Darra, Inala, and Sunnybank, we have outstanding alternatives to choose from at Nom Nom, Red Lotus, Café O Mai, and Vietnam House.
  2. A multitude of puns may be made with the word “pho.” While I’m trying to think of a good ramen pun, may I suggest pho-nomenal, un-pho-gettable, and pho-ever? When you order pho, in addition to the soup, you will also receive all of the accompaniments, allowing you to customize the dish to your preferences.

It is taken to a whole new level with the addition of chili, basil, bean sprouts, and lemon. Talk about value-adding. Pho pairs wonderfully with a variety of beverages, including beer, soda, tea, and even shots. Additionally, it is OK to consume it for breakfast (as is customary in Vietnam), lunch, or supper.

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Is Ramen good when your sick?

Any form of broth that is fiery and savory No need to worry if you’ve become weary of chicken noodle soup because you may find satisfaction in any hot and spicy broth-based soup, such as pho or ramen.

Is rice good when you’re sick?

Consuming meals that are able to calm the stomach is essential for anyone who is experiencing one or more of these symptoms. People who do this should find that their appetites return more quickly.1. Ginger It has been shown by research that ginger may be able to assist minimize the effects of nausea and vomiting; however, further research is necessary to corroborate these findings.

A cup of hot water combined with one to two tablespoons of fresh ginger can be prepared as ginger tea using the following method: After steeping the ginger for five minutes, drain the liquid, and then add some honey to bring out the natural sweetness. Because of the significant amount of sugar it contains, crystallized ginger should be consumed in small amounts.

Ginger ale with carbonation should be avoided since it might make an upset stomach much worse.2. Foods that are BRAT. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast are the components that make up the BRAT diet. These meals lack flavor and are easy on the digestive system.

  • The diet is high in carbohydrates but has very little fiber, which is important since fiber has the ability to bind loose stools and expedite the healing process after diarrhea.
  • The BRAT diet allows for the addition of the following items that are also mostly flavorless: Oatmeal crackers melon cooked potatoes and watermelon A person should begin gradually, by sipping water often for the first few hours, then gradually introducing other drinks, such as apple juice or broth.

This should be done in small increments. If the patient’s stomach continues to be calm, it is possible that they can safely try eating additional solid BRAT meals. Those who are gluten intolerant should be careful to select alternatives that do not include gluten.

After around 48 hours, it is normally okay to resume a diet that is more typical of your normal routine.3. the liquid that comes from coconuts When the lining of the stomach becomes irritated, this can cause abdominal discomfort. Tannins are a type of compound that may be found in coconut water and have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally, nutrients such as salt and potassium are found in abundance in coconut water. They have the ability to speed up the body’s process of rehydrating after diarrhea or vomiting. According to the findings of one study, the hydrating capacity of coconut water may be comparable to that of a sports drink.

Is Chinese Good for flu?


  • Getting vaccinated against influenza lowers your chances of contracting the illness by around half.
  • The majority of people who are vaccinated against the flu report experiencing just moderate side effects that vanish on their own within a few days after receiving the shot.
  • If you have small children who are getting vaccinated against the flu for the first time, they will require two doses, each spaced out by four weeks.

When you or a member of your family is afflicted with a respiratory illness such as a cold or the flu, all you want to do is put an end to the illness as quickly as you possibly can. You can boost your body’s defenses to ward against disease and recover from illness more rapidly if you use traditional medicine or Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is one example of this type of medication.

Is Ramen good when your sick?

Any form of broth that is fiery and savory No need to worry if you’ve become weary of chicken noodle soup because you may find satisfaction in any hot and spicy broth-based soup, such as pho or ramen.

Is spicy food good for a cold?

The Common Cold Can Be Cured by Eating Spicy Foods: FICTION – Spicy foods may help clear your sinuses, but they are not a cure for the common cold. Spicy foods may help clear your sinuses. It’s a well-known truth that eating spicy food can make nausea and stomach pain worse.

Is pho good to eat when you’re sick?

Is pho a remedy for the common cold? – Yes! This dish might be exactly what the doctor ordered if you’ve been feeling under the weather with a cold. In an interview with Today, Dr. Oz compared pho to chicken soup, describing the main difference between the two as the large amount of spices used in pho.

  1. He stated, “Coriander and anise are two of my favorite spices, but you may also use ginger in this dish.” The addition of that extra spice helps you feel more at ease.
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