Chinese Food What Is Yat?

Chinese Food What Is Yat
What is Yat Gaw Mein/Yakamein? Yat Gaw Mein, also known as Yakamein, is a type of soup that is made by beginning with a transparent broth that has been seasoned, then adding wheat noodles, various proteins, and, most significantly, creole spice tastes.

  1. You may make Yat Gaw Mein or Yakamein with chicken, shrimp, pork, or beef instead of the traditional beef.
  2. The Chinese are very certainly responsible for bringing the soup to the New Orleans region (because of the Chinese name).
  3. The history of this noodle soup is difficult to trace back to a single source with absolute certainty.

Everything appears to be hazy at this point. So, according to what I’ve heard, this is all that’s left of the New Orleans china town that no longer exists. On the other hand, the noodle soup is quite well-liked in this part of the country, and for good reason! Chef Ms.

Linda, who hails from New Orleans, is known as “The Yakamein Lady.” She is the one who first served this meal to Anthony Bourdain, many years ago, while he was filming Parts Unknown. I hope that someday in the distant future I will get the opportunity to sample her soup. Besides Yat Gaw Mein translates to “ancient sober soup,” another name for the dish.

It has been referred to as an elixir, and it is well-known for its ability to alleviate hangover symptoms. Fortunately, this soup has a good chance of conquering the globe at some time. This soup is not included in the “Thank God It’s Friday” dinner rotation due to its purported curative properties; rather, it is included because it is an incredible “Thank God It’s Friday” night meal.

What is Yat ko mein?

Chinese Food What Is Yat One of the best-kept secrets in New Orleans is the Ya-ka-mein restaurant. The African-American population in the city has been known to rely heavily on beef noodle soup for as long as anybody can remember, although nobody is quite sure where the dish first appeared.

Ya-ka-mein is a simple dish that is made of ground beef, noodles, green onions, a hard-cooked egg, and a broth that is produced from a special combination of spices. Due to the rehabilitative effects of the dish, it is sometimes referred to as “Old Sober.” Even though beef is the most prevalent ingredient, other proteins such as pig or shrimp are frequently used in its preparation.

You won’t find it in too many restaurants; rather, the warming meal is more typically offered as street food at second lines, festivals, or corner stores in districts such as Central City, where Linda Green spent her childhood. Linda employs a family recipe that has been kept a secret for many years and has been handed down through multiple generations of ladies in her family.

Today, she is known throughout New Orleans as “The Ya-Ka-Mein Lady.” She distinctly remembers that whenever her great-grandmother prepared the meal, the home was filled with an irresistible scent that compelled everyone to bring a bowl with them when they went to visit. Her mother sold the magical elixir at Bean Brothers Corner, and Linda followed in her footsteps by selling it at second lines and ultimately at festivals.

You Should Never Order Lo Mein At A Chinese Restaurant. Here’s Why

Her mother had sold it there. Linda describes herself as having “that old school taste.” “It all comes down to the juice, really. After you have finished preparing all of the other components of the dish, such as the egg, the spaghetti, the green onion, and the beef, you just put everything in a bowl, but the dish is finished as soon as you pour the broth over the top of it.” To this day, no one knows for sure where ya-ka-mein had its start; but, much like other Creole recipes, it appears to have been the product of a mingling of several cultures.

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Some people think that African-American troops who were returning home from either World War II or the Korean War sought a food that was similar to gumbo, and that they recreated the recipe using the ingredients that were accessible to them in New Orleans. Others say that it may have been established earlier to both world wars, when Chinese immigrants arrived to New Orleans in the 1800s to build the railways, which resulted in the formation of an old Chinatown in the city.

Dooky Chase Restaurant’s Head Chef Leah Chase is a proponent of the latter viewpoint, and she thinks there is some truth to it. She claims that those people just merged their cultures and did whatever they had to in order to stay alive. It is generally agreed upon that the African-American community was the original source of this soup, despite the fact that it is unknown how the New Orleans version of this soup truly came to be.

Even in modern times, ya-ka-mein may be purchased at any number of corner businesses located all around New Orleans. At various events throughout the year, Linda will be vending her signature recipe. In addition, the meal is available in a number of Chinese restaurants under a wide variety of other spellings, such as yat kai mein, yat gaw mein, yat gat mein, and many more.

It has also made its way into the menus of fine dining places, such as Ralph’s on the Park, which featured a variation of the meal for some time, and more recently Meauxbar, which develops varied daily versions of the dish. Both of these restaurants are located in New York City.

Leah believes that it is fascinating to observe the various ways in which people prepare meals. “No one should have a claim on food because you can take the same meal and do it your way, and it’s a totally new thing,” someone once said. “Nobody should have a claim on food.” Ya-ka-mein has a long-standing reputation in New Orleans as one of the city’s most delectable and comforting dishes, and this reputation precedes it regardless of whether it is served in a Styrofoam cup at Jazz Fest or on the menus of contemporary restaurants.

Ya-Ka-Mein, Original Recipe from Ms. Linda’s New Orleans 2016-12-03 03:00:32 Servings: 8 Chinese Food What Is Yat Chuck roast without the bones weighing one pound 1 package (of five ounces) Ya-Ka-Mein Seasoning, created by Ms. Linda Green* 1 pound of spaghetti, prepared in accordance with the instructions on the package 2 bunches of green onions, chopped 4 eggs that have been cooked to a hard-boiled state, peeled and cut into quarters Soy sauce The following items should be used as garnish: boiling shrimp, hot sauce, ketchup, boiled cauliflower, boiled broccoli, and boiled carrots.

  1. Chuck roast should be placed in a large saucepot, covered with water, and heated over medium-high heat.
  2. After the water has come to a low boil, turn the heat down to a simmer and keep cooking the roast for around 15 minutes.
  3. Take the roast out of the cooking broth and put it to the side.
  4. Hold on to 8 cups of the cooking liquid.
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Ms. Linda Green’s Ya-Ka-Mein Seasoning should be combined with the cooking liquid that has been saved in a large saucepot. Keep tossing constantly as you let this simmer for 5 minutes. Take the seasoning mixture off the fire as soon as the salt has dissolved, but keep it hot.

After the beef has cooled to the point that it can be handled safely, gently cut it into bite-size pieces, then set it away and keep it warm. After the spaghetti has been cooked, divide it evenly between 8 large bowls and top each with meat, green onion, and 2 egg quarters. Pour one cup of the broth mixture over each, then sprinkle with a little bit of soy sauce.

If desired, garnish with shrimp that has been cooked, spicy sauce, ketchup, or veggies that have been boiled. You may get Ms. Linda Green’s Original New Orleans Ya-Ka-Mein Seasoning from In its absence, the cooking liquid should be seasoned with one teaspoon of Creole spice and three tablespoons of beef base. Chef Linda Green of New Orleans provided the inspiration for this dish. Adapted from New Orleans Louisiana Cookin by Chef Linda Green ( In the January/February 2017 edition of Louisiana Cookin, you’ll find a variety of other delicious Cajun and Creole dishes. Now available at newsstands!

What is Yak Chinese food?

(Beef Noodle Soup) Yaka Mein – (/linearGradient> /linearGradient> /linearGradient> /linearGradient> /linearGradient> Yaka mein is an amalgamation of Chinese and Cajun cuisines that results in an uncomplicated, reassuring, and luxurious beef noodle soup that will make you feel all cozy and fuzzy inside. Noodles with a chewy texture are served in a beef broth with a somewhat sweet and savory Asian flavor profile. A savory steak, some spicy sauce, and a hard-boiled egg are placed on top of it. It is a recipe that is great for cooking on a hectic workday since it can be served either hot or cold, and it is also elegant enough to offer for Sunday dinner. Author: Maggie Zhu American Chinese as the Primary Cuisine Serving U.S. Comfort food is the keyword here. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Time spent marinating: 1 hour Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes in total Servings: between two and four servings

  • A top round steak that weighs 12 ounces (340 grams)
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Can I sell my Yat?

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What is yak meat?

Yak is a primordial red meat that is low in fat and high in flavor. It is healthy and delicious. It has a taste that is both delicate and sweet, and it contains more iron than beef. The preparation of yak may be rather flexible, since it can be adapted to a broad variety of cooking styles and culinary traditions.

How many calories are in Yat Gaw Mein?

A synopsis of nutrition: –

Calories 250 Fat 9.9g Carbs 24.93g Protein 14.35g


There are 250 calories in 1 cup of Yat Ga Mein with Meat, Fish or Poultry. Calorie breakdown: 36% fat, 40% carbs, 23% protein.

How much does it cost to buy a Yat?

The Yat is a personalized sequence of emojis that may be used in place of a URL at the moment (and, in the near future, say its creators, be used for electronic payments). Although it would appear to be a gamble, the opportunity is already luring hundreds of investors who are prepared to part with significant sums of cash.

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What is sub gum Wonton soup?


Subgum chow mein
Alternative names shí jǐn
Place of origin Chinese
Main ingredients meats, seafood, vegetables

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