How Is Tmmy Chans Chinese Food?

How Is Tmmy Chans Chinese Food
Cuisine(s) Description of American and New American cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and soul food Local chicken and Chinese chain Timmy Chan’s is well-known for providing inexpensive and plenty Chinese meals in a speedy manner. It is simple to understand why Timmy Chan’s has gained both a spot in Houston’s music scene as well as an article on

  • The restaurant offers drive-thru service and has more than 10 locations across Houston.
  • In point of fact, it is by a wide margin the restaurant that is cited the most frequently in Houston music, particularly rap.
  • It’s possible that the ambiance of the restaurant won’t compel you to remain, but the heaping plates of fried rice will make you want to return again and again.

It’s Useful to Know Accessible by car, with parking, and takeout service

Who is the owner of Timmy Chans?

How Is Tmmy Chans Chinese Food The rat in question is not even close to being as adorable as this one. Have faith in what we say. Timmy Chan’s Chicken N Rice has filed a lawsuit in Houston District Court against Facebook, Inc.,’s Dennis L. Richardson, and, alleging that it has been defamed as a result of the circulation of a photo that purports to show a dead baby rat on a plate of partially eaten fried rice.

  1. The restaurant claims that it has been defamed as a result of the photo.
  2. According to an affidavit that was included in the lawsuit that was filed yesterday, an employee of the local chain’s flagship location on MLK at Loop 610 saw the photo for the first time on Saturday, April 13.
  3. If you would like to view the photo, click here.
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Katharine Shilcutt of Eating Our Words made the discovery on April 16 that the identical photo had been circulating for weeks and had been utilized in the past in relation to Chinese restaurants in Lafayette, Louisiana, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Gastronaut discovered the photo on two message boards in Nigeria weeks before it was posted to Timmy Chan’s.

One of the forums indicated that the event with the missing protein had place at a restaurant in Lagos. The photograph has also been discovered in Ghana and Jamaica, and a guy from Liverpool has said that he bought the plate at his neighborhood chip shop some weeks after the photograph had already been discovered in other countries.

In contrast to, neither the Nigerians, Ghanaians, Jamaicans, nor the Liverpudlian mentioned the name of the restaurant that was in violation of the law. Kids, this is why they did not had a lawsuit filed against them. Despite the fact that reported that the rodent-contaminated platter was purchased at Timmy Chan’s on its Facebook page, all of this information indicates that it is highly unlikely that the platter was purchased there.

And continues to do so after receiving a letter demanding that they stop doing so from Timmy Chan’s Inc. (Similar letters were sent to Facebook and GoDaddy, the host of, and were also ignored, according to the suit.) According to the lawsuit, the refutation of Shilcutt’s claims has not significantly helped to heal the harm.

The Facebook post on the rat-rice combination has been liked more than 400 times, shared more than 4,000 times, and generated more than 500 comments. Even when it was shown that the picture in question was a fake, several individuals continued to post comments stating that they would never set foot inside of Timmy Chan’s restaurant again.

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Where was the first Timmy Chans?

Where Our Tale First Begins In the city of Houston, Texas – During the 1970s, The Chu family founded the first Timmy Chan’s location in Houston, Texas, on Fannin Street, followed by a location at Greenway Plaza. In the 1980s, The Chus shut down their full-service restaurants and sold the remaining two quick-service restaurants, along with the recipes, to two families that had immigrated to the United States from Vietnam as Chinese Vietnamese.

  • These families are The Tran and The Dang.
  • We dubbed ourselves Timmy Chan’s in order to differentiate ourselves from The Dang’s restaurants, which were labeled The Original Timmy Chan’s.
  • This allowed us to continue using the Timmy Chan’s brand while yet maintaining its relevance.
  • The Timmy Chan’s restaurant is owned and run by the Chan family.

Over the course of the years, we have refined our menu in order to provide our community improved service. We take great pride in serving American-Chinese cuisine, chicken wings, and dishes influenced by Cajun cuisine. The Garlic Wings, Cajun Shrimp Pasta, Lo Mien, Fried Rice, and Beef with Broccoli, to mention just a few of our most popular entrees, are sure to please.

Our General Tso Chicken is unparalleled in quality, and every meal is prepared fresh to order. One thing has remained the same over the last four decades, and that is the recipe for our Wings and Rice dish. We are proud to say that we are Houston’s first Chinese restaurant to introduce the time-saving convenience of a Drive-Thru service.

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During the scorching summers in Texas, our guests don’t even have to leave the comfort of their automobiles to enjoy a tall cup of Kool-Aid or one of our many delectable Asian dishes. We are proud to have an entry in the urban dictionary and have developed and expanded in order to provide a higher level of service to our community.