How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food?

How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food
The sodium content of the Chinese dish consisting of Chicken and Broccoli is 500 mg. Find out all of the nutritional information for Chicken and Broccoli, Chinese here, and use our online calorie counter and nutrition facts finder to help you plan your meals.

Is chicken and broccoli high in sodium?

The amount of calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium is listed below. Approximately 220 calories, or 11 percent of a balanced 2,000-calorie diet, are included in one serving of chicken and broccoli that has been steamed. Consuming food that falls within a range of calories that is considered to be healthy is essential for effective weight management.

There are 7 grams of fat in the dish, none of which is saturated fat. The fat content of the food is. Chicken and broccoli that have been steamed do not contain any cholesterol at all. Diets that are low in cholesterol and saturated fat protect against cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other health problems associated with obesity.

The salt concentration is modest, coming in at just 80 milligrams; nonetheless, in order to protect your heart, you should strive to reduce your daily sodium consumption to less than 2,300 milligrams. The chicken accounts for the vast majority of both the calories and the fat in this dish.

How much sodium is in chicken and broccoli with brown sauce?

The number of calories included in a brown sauce chicken and broccoli stir fried

Calories 259.5
Cholesterol 65.7 mg
Sodium 762.8 mg
Potassium 464.2 mg
Total Carbohydrate 9.6 g

Is Chinese chicken and broccoli nutrition facts?

One serving of Chinese Chicken with Broccoli has 200 calories, 9 grams of fat, 15 grams of protein, 16 grams of total carbohydrates, and 14 grams of net carbohydrates.

Is Chinese food high in sodium?

Takeout from a Chinese restaurant 97% of the dishes had an amount of salt that was equal to or more than 2 grams (one-third of a teaspoon).58% of the dishes had a salt content that was greater than 3 grams (or one half teaspoon). If you combine all of the toppings and sides, you will exceed the maximum amount of salt that an adult should consume in a day, which is 6 grams, or over 1 teaspoon.

Is Lomein unhealthy?

How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food The most nutritious choices available for takeaway Chinese food. – swalls / Getty Images Egg rolls are not necessary. Place your order for these spring rolls with shrimp. Although egg rolls may include some vegetables, this is not a sufficient reason to overlook the processed meats and deep-fried shell, not to mention the sugary dipping sauce.

  1. Instead, Glassman recommends ordering shrimp spring rolls that are wrapped in rice paper.
  2. They are typically stuffed with carrots, lettuce, and bean sprouts, which results in a side dish that is low in calories and rich in nutrients.
  3. Glassman recommends against adding any sauces, such as soy or hoisin, to the dish after it has been delivered.
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These sauces add unneeded calories to your diet and have the potential to raise your daily salt intake. Amarita / Image Courtesy of Getty Images Don’t bother with this: pork dumplings Put in your order for some steamed veggie dumplings. Although these doughy pot stickers are often served in smaller portions, the amounts of calories and salt in each serving indicate otherwise.

Take, for example, P.F. Chang’s version of their four-piece pork dumplings. Even just one serving has 330 calories and 720 milligrams of salt, which is more than enough for a full meal and should not be considered an appetizer. In addition, the problem is not solely caused by the deep-fried dough alone.

The fillings ask for a range of ground meats, including as pig, beef, and chicken, that have been seasoned with a number of different ingredients, ranging from oyster sauce to sesame oil. The steamed vegetable dumplings that include bok choy, red pepper, garlic, mushrooms, scallions, and fresh ginger are a better choice than the other options.

  • If you want to preserve some of your calories for the main course, you might want to think about sharing the meal with your buddy or significant other.
  • I rinka / Getty Images Chicken General Tso’s is not worth your time.
  • Place your order for the honey garlic chicken.
  • Have you ever pondered what it is that makes General Tso’s chicken so irresistible? Cornstarch, orange juice, rice vinegar, and sugar are the key ingredients in this enigmatic concoction, which is also known as the formula for a diabetic coma.

According to Glassman, the best way to satisfy your craving for savory and sugary flavors is to order some honey garlic chicken. Because there are less extra sauces that are high in calories, it is a little bit healthier. Photographed by Margoe Edwards/Getty Images Beef with broccoli should not be eaten.

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Place your order for this dish of shrimp served with brown rice and vegetables. A straightforward dish of beef and broccoli might look like a healthy option, but the salty black bean sauce might already be enough for the entire day’s worth of sodium intake. One example is the beef and broccoli dish offered by P.F.

Chang’s, which clocks in at 770 calories, 33 grams of fat, and 2,110 milligrams of salt. Oh, and there are 33 grams of sugar in this. Yikes! Glassman suggests ordering shrimp with vegetables and brown rice (instead of white or fried rice) and asking for the black bean sauce on the side in order to enjoy a dish that is lower in calories and more beneficial to one’s health.

  • In a mixing dish, place the shrimp, and then add between one and two teaspoons of the black bean sauce.
  • You’ll find that you don’t want too much more than this in order to get the same flavor “she explains.
  • The shrimp provides you with some lean protein, while the vegetables provide you with a wealth of anti-oxidants, fiber, and even a little bit of water.

Mizina / Getty Images Chicken lo mein is not being ordered; instead, chicken chop suey will be served. A cup of chicken lo mein, despite the fact that it is delicious and quite satisfying, may easily cost you 1,000 calories due to the refined grains, harmful oils, and blood sugar-raising sauces that are contained inside it.

  • According to Glassman, a much safer bet would be chicken chop suey since it contains a large quantity of stir-fried vegetables that would keep you feeling full for longer.
  • Glassman recommends ordering brown rice and adding a few tablespoons of it to the vegetables and chicken rather than serving the vegetables and protein on top of a dish of rice.

Tiffany Ayuda is a senior editor at Prevention. She is also a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Prior to joining Prevention, she held editorial roles at Life by Daily Burn, Everyday Health, and South Beach Diet, where she focused on writing about fitness, health, and general wellness topics. How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food

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How healthy is Chinese food?

Tip: If you want to eat Chinese food that is good for you, skip the fried dishes and instead choose for those that are steamed or stir-fried with a tiny quantity of oil. If you’re like the majority of people, you enjoy eating out at restaurants or just consuming food that was made by another else.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the majority of United States citizens consume roughly one quarter of their meals away from their homes. Americans are preferring to consume more Chinese food these days, in addition to consuming a lot of their meals at restaurants. There are more than 43,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States, which is greater than some of the most popular hamburger-based fast food restaurants, according to a review that was published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety in December 2013.

The writers of the article claim that the reason why so many Americans prefer dining at Chinese restaurants is because the cuisine is reliably delicious, it is affordable for a variety of budgets, and the restaurants themselves are very handy. Steamed vegetables and lean meats are the primary components of traditional Chinese cuisine, which otherwise consists largely of steamed veggies.

Is chicken broccoli with white rice healthy?

How Much Sodium Is In Chicken And Broccoli Chinese Food Shutterstock image of chicken and broccoli dish This meal is a fantastic alternative for someone who is seeking to enjoy the taste of Chinese food without the fat, as it is made using chicken that is lean and white flesh, as well as broccoli that is bushy and full of fiber.

How many calories is 1 cup chicken and broccoli Chinese?

* The calculations for %DV are based on consuming 2000 calories per day. Region: US.

Serving Ingredient Calories
150 g chicken with garlic sauce 196
67 g broccoli 23

How many carbs are in chicken and broccoli?

One serving of Chicken with Broccoli has 180 calories, 13 grams of total carbohydrates, 9 grams of net carbohydrates, 4 grams of fat, and 23 grams of protein.