What Are The Best Chinese Food Dishes?

What Are The Best Chinese Food Dishes
7. Ma Po Tofu – Ma Po Tofu One of the most well-known dishes in Chuan Cuisine (also known as Sichuan cuisine), Ma Po tofu ( Mápó duf; literally translated as “Pockmarked Granny beancurd”) has a history dating back more than a century. It is made out of bean curd, some minced meat (either pig or beef), and a spicy sauce all combined together.

The fermented black beans and chili paste (douban/douchi) are the primary ingredients in the sauce. Chengdu, which is located in Sichuan province, is the birthplace of the Ma Po tofu dish. Her surname, Chen, indicated that she was a grandmother. It is reported that Chen’s face had a lot of pimples and other marks on it.

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Because in Chinese ma means ‘pockmarked’ and po means grandma, people began to refer to the meal that she prepared as Ma Po tofu, which literally translates to ‘Pockmarked Granny’ tofu. The flavorful and aromatic meal she created would go on to become one of the most sought-after items.

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Dishes Common in Traditional Chinese Cuisine – In China, there are a few foods that are universally recognized as being traditional. You may expect to find the following crowd-pleasers on the menus of restaurants in the United States and other Western countries.