What Are The Healthiest Chinese Food Options?

What Are The Healthiest Chinese Food Options
If you want a meal that is high in protein, according to Boyd, you might consider ordering skewered foods like the beef or chicken that is featured on a pupu platter. “The protein content you’ll get from ordering teriyaki skewers far outweighs the other choices you may have,” she says.

“While they may marinate the chicken, pork, and beef in a sugary concoction at some places,” she says. “If you want to be really savvy,” she recommends ordering a side of stir-fried mixed vegetables (with sauce on the side, of course) so you don’t miss the deep-fried snacks that often accompany a pup What are some of the other suggestions that Boyd has for healthful Chinese foods? Egg drop soup, chop suey (which is typically just a mixture of vegetables and protein), chicken or shrimp lettuce wraps, Peking duck with vegetables, and spring rolls made with shrimp (just omit the soy sauce to reduce the amount of salt).


As a general rule, if you choose for veggies rather than rice and other carbohydrate-heavy sides (and if you stick to stir-fries rather than deep-fried items), you should be safe from any negative health effects.

What kind of Chinese food can you eat on weight Watchers?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: the food in China is absolutely mouthwatering. Dumplings made with pork, beef and broccoli, with fluffy rice. mmm. You might not be aware of this, but it is very feasible to enjoy these and other time-honored foods without completely blowing your PersonalPoints® Budget.

  • This manual is an excellent location to get started.
  • Are you going to place an order at your go-to neighborhood restaurant? Check out our advice on how to get around the menu so that you can do what you set out to do.
  • Would you rather cook? We have compiled a list of 31 Chinese dishes that are really delectable and can be made in your own home kitchen.
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Dig in below. Check the menu for frequently occurring terms before placing your order for Chinese takeout. The words “steamed,” “sauteed,” and “stir-fried” are going to be your best friends in this situation. Dishes that are described as having been “steamed,” “sauteed,” or “stir-fried” typically have fewer PersonalPoints than dishes that are described as having been “crispy” or “fried.” Giving the menu a quick read will help you determine which items are the best choices.

  • Get to know your applications.
  • Feel like having something to start out with? Consider eating soups that are made with broth since, similar to steamed options, they tend to have a low number of PersonalPoints.
  • If you want to keep things interesting, you might find that putting together a whole meal from a selection of appetizers is to your liking.

Try some hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, or wonton soup for your meal. When you have a need for dumplings, your best bet is to go for ones that have been steamed or pan-fried and include either chicken, pig, beef, shrimp, or vegetables. Decide on your primary.

  1. Consider serving lean meats like chicken or shrimp cooked with veggies or egg foo young accompanied with chicken as an entrée option.
  2. You could also find it useful to get your item steamed with the sauce served on the side.
  3. This will allow you to regulate the quantity of sauce that is added to your dish.

Choices that are helpful to your PersonalPoints balance include brown sauce, black bean sauce, and garlic sauce. There are also many of delicious vegetarian choices available, such as Chinese veggies with tofu or vegetable lo mein. Are there any other kinds of noodles that you might try? Chow fun is a type of stir-fried broad flat noodles that is typically served with either chicken or beef.

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Replace white rice with brown rice. Brown rice, which is a whole grain, is loaded with more vitamins and fiber than its refined counterpart, white rice. This is the reason why some members consider steamed brown rice to be a ZeroPoint dish. If you want to make sure that you always have a zero-point choice available to you, you can forego the regular rice and instead prepare cauliflower rice from frozen from your own home.

Add vegetables to your order, A side of steamed mixed veggies that are low in carbs and zero points may help fill out a dish and make a meal more satisfying. You will immediately improve the nutritional value of your meal, which will also include an increase in the amount of satisfying fiber.

  1. Prepare a one serving portion.
  2. There’s no denying that it saves time to immediately start eating after popping the lid off a takeaway container.
  3. The possible disadvantage is that you might easily lose track of how much food you have consumed.
  4. Grab a plate and serve the food one portion at a time using a spoon.

If you would want extra, that is never a problem! Prepare yourself a cup of tea. Why not make use of the complimentary tea bag that came with your order if it was included? A relaxing and enjoyable technique to practice mindful eating is to sip unsweetened tea (or water) in between bites of food.

Is chow mein healthy for you?

Is Chow Mein unhealthy? – Yes, Chow Mein is unhealthy since it is not only rich with calories but also high in salt. Chow Mein also contains a lot of preservatives and MSG. It is possible to cook it in a healthier manner at home by using alternative vegetables that are better for you and using less oil and sodium.