What Food To Eat During Chinese New Year?

What Food To Eat During Chinese New Year
As the first of February ushers in the Year of the Tiger, it is time to begin planning what dishes you will eat to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Celebrations of the new year take place at the start of each new lunar calendar in countries and cultures as diverse as China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

  • The holiday is a time for gathering, and during this time, members of the family will travel from near and far to meet one another and share their best wishes for the next year.
  • Noodles representing longevity, entire fish cooked to represent abundance, sticky rice balls representing unity, and other delicacies are among the traditional cuisines served during the Lunar New Year celebration.

Some of these fortunate meals, along with other traditional delicacies such as rice cakes and dumplings, are listed below for your convenience. These dishes are likely to bring you good fortune and abundant riches in the year to come, regardless of whether you will be celebrating the New Year with friends and family or on your lonesome.

How many oranges is good luck?

Bring over two mandarin oranges that still have their stems and a few leaves clinging to them. Not only does it serve as an indication of its freshness, but it also serves as a symbol of plentiful luck in the area of fertility5!

What is the lucky flower for 2022?

Chrysanthemums Golden and lemon-like in color Chrysanthemums are especially blessed with good fortune.

What do you eat with dumplings for dinner?

Toasted Broccolini – Broccoli and Chinese Broccoli, also known as Gai Lan, are both very typical accompaniments with dumplings, particularly when they are fried in garlic. In any case, broccolini is a fascinating hybrid of these two vegetables, and a straightforward roasted broccolini is a simple side dish that is ideal for combining with your favorite Asian meals, such as dumplings.