What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food?

What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food
In this particular statement, the term “dim sum” refers to “snacks.” Even though its original meaning has been lost to history, the phrase has been used to refer to plates of a modest size since at least the Song period. It’s possible that dim sum meals existed before the phrase was ever coined.

What does dim sum consist of?

Tea is typically served with dim sum, which is a classic Chinese meal consisting of tiny plates of dumplings and other snack items. Dim sum is traditionally eaten in the morning. These meals are meant to be passed around the table to be enjoyed by both family and friends, much to the way tapas are served in Spain.

What is dim sum vs dumplings?

Comparative Analysis of Dim Sum and Dumplings – A classic Chinese meal known as dim sum can be made using a variety of different types of floor and can be stuffed with finely chopped or diced contents. They are also possible to make without any fillings.

In this particular instance, the flavor of the outer coating is improved by the addition of batter, pastry, or even leaves. On the other side, dumplings are a typical type of food that are cooked in China. They have a coating made of either wheat, bread, or potatoes, and they are stuffed with either meat, fish, or vegetables.

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Could you please get the word out? You should tell your relatives and friends about it. Cite APA 7 Njogu, T. (2022, August 30). What Separates Dim Sum and Dumplings from Each Other? The Distinction Between Two Almost Identical Terms and Objects http://www.differencebetween.net/object/comparisons-of-food-items/difference-between-dim-sum-and-dumplings/,

What does dim sum mean in Chinese?

Today’s version of the Chinese meal whose name literally translates to “to touch the heart.” The bite-sized servings were intended to only touch the heart rather than sate the hunger, and as a result, they were initially consumed in the form of snacks.

  1. Yum cha, on the other hand, has developed significantly throughout the course of history, and the food is now an essential component of traditional Chinese culture.
  2. Many restaurants in southern China, and notably in Hong Kong, begin serving dim sum as early as five in the morning.
  3. The fact that yum cha is typically consumed in the middle of the morning lends credence to the theory that it was the inspiration for the term “brunch.” Traditional dim sum restaurants don’t offer supper; rather, they open extremely early and close in the early afternoon.

This is because traditional dim sum is served only in the morning. However, in order to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for the bite-sized snacks, many contemporary yum cha restaurants provide dim sum throughout the day and even into the evening.

What type of Chinese is dim sum?

Dim sum (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: dinxn; Cantonese Yale: dm sm) refers to a wide variety of little Chinese foods that are commonly served in restaurants during brunch. The term “dim sum” comes from the old Chinese characters for “brunch” and “small dishes.”

Why is dim sum so good?

Do I have any good arguments for enjoying dim sum? – Posted on September 28, 2012 by corporateshopaholic 10 Reasons I Love Dim Sum Sure I do. Reasons to believe so? Yes. What is the minimum number of justifications I need? None. Good food is always a blessing, and the fact that we have the health and leisure to indulge ourselves, at least occasionally, in mouthwatering cuisines is something that has no business requiring any kind of explanation or justification whatsoever. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food It is the pinnacle of skill in the kitchen. Even if you are a fantastic chef, it is unlikely that you would find yourself creating dim sum at home very often. There has rarely been such a large amount of labour involved in the manufacture of such a little quantity of bite-sized sweets.

It calls for the newest ingredients, which might also end up being the most expensive ones as time goes on. It is a nightmare to try to cook dim sum at home because of all of the chopping, dicing, steaming, baking, and frying that is required in addition to the precise timing. A quality portion of dim sum will have several layers of flavor and texture to explore.

If you have not yet become a fan of them, it is likely because the master chefs who prepared them did not do it with much passion. Do not concede the possibility that your unalienable right to gastronomic orgasm may be taken away from you. It is the most inefficient use of one’s time.

When you are so exhausted entertaining your clients by putting the emphasis in difficulties to make a booking over actual qualities of food, it is the greatest blessing in life when you find yourself sitting in a place for two hours enjoying little portions of dim sum in the middle of the day. This is in contrast to those typical business lunches in which you find yourself fighting with your coworkers for the last piece of siu mai, or when you are so exhausted entertaining your clients that you put the emphasis on difficulties to make a booking over actual qualities Consuming dim sum should not be done in a hurry.

You shouldn’t drink Chinese tea as you would cola, and you shouldn’t stuff three pieces of dim sum into your mouth at once like you would a burger that’s eight inches tall. If you snag a window table during the week, you will have the opportunity to pity the passersby who are rushing to get to their places of employment.

On the weekends, you have the opportunity to be grateful that you did not sleep through much of the day since you can still take pleasure in a delectable breakfast while taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. It indicates that you have maintained some friendships. Even though it is not the intended way to have dim sum, there are many elderly people who take pleasure in enjoying a little breakfast on their own after going for an early morning walk or doing Tai Chi.

Putting everything to the side for a moment, dim sum is best enjoyed in the company of those you care about. You know you’ve done something well in your life if you have a consistent set of close pals that you feel comfortable inviting to your dim sum parties while chatting.

  • It is for those who are on the fence.
  • Making selections from a menu might be stressful for me at times.
  • The entrée that were chosen by my companions are almost usually a significant step above from the one that I had selected for myself.
  • All of my problems disappear if I eat dim sum.
  • Despite the fact that there may still be as many as fifty or sixty options to choose from, I still have between six and nine opportunities to get at least one item right.

Yes, I adore having a variety of options in smaller sample quantities, and the fact that dim sum makes it possible makes it acceptable for gluttonous folks like myself. Even if I order too much, I won’t have any trouble putting it into takeout containers.

  • It’s the ideal place to observe the locals.
  • No, it’s not like any other restaurant at all in any way.
  • At general, the lighting in Chinese restaurants is brighter, and the distance between tables is shorter.
  • Additionally, you will be astounded by the variety of people who come from all different walks of life.
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Visit a Chinese restaurant in the middle of the day while they are serving dim sum if you want to get a real sense of the energy of the city. You will be inundated with rumors, people’s views, and turmoil that never seems to end. Enjoy. It may be obtained at any of the street corners.

  • When you visit Hong Kong, you won’t have to go far to locate a restaurant serving dim sum because the city is filled to the brim with them.
  • After a few rounds of cocktails, when hunger hits, the ultimate comfort food here may not be greasy pizzas, hot dogs, or kebab, but gorgeous bamboo steamers of your favorite shrimp dumplings, beef balls, and spring rolls instead.

Since then, as a result of its growing popularity, it has become available at 24-hour convenience stores. The genuineness and overall quality of such items are, without a doubt, up to debate. In spite of this, it is without a doubt the most ultimate form of comfort food that the city has to offer.

It is the obvious go-to site for hosting visitors from other countries. Order some chicken feet, stinky tofu, or roasted pigeon for your close friends who are visiting from another country, and videotape their reactions to see how they respond. Be astounded as you see your closest friends pour soy sauce over everything from shrimp dumplings to siu mai before they take their first mouthful, if you want to give yourself a good fright.

A dim sum lunch provides a plenty of entertainment for both the host and the guests. It’s the ultimate tasting test. If the restaurant is known for having excellent dim sum during the day, you should feel confident in the business’s overall quality and consistency.

  • If you want to know whether or not that restaurant is suitable for entertaining your customers or your mother-in-law, you should order some of their dim sum and see for yourself.
  • This age-old guideline has never let me down in the past.
  • It’s boiling hot,
  • The Chinese place an almost unsurpassable amount of importance on the temperature.

Our entire body is warmed by it. It’s calming, and it revs up our metabolism at the same time. The majority of the dim sum that you order will be served piping hot, with a few exceptions for dessert. Parents constantly use the excuse that “it’s becoming cold” to encourage their children to eat as fast as possible.

  1. Even with my closest friends, I am guilty of doing things like that.
  2. To tell you the truth, it does taste a great deal better when you consume it immediately after it has been removed from the steamer or oven.
  3. The problem is that you could discover that you have finished ingesting everything in fewer than thirty minutes.

In such situation, you won’t have the opportunity to experience the second reason given above. It doesn’t break the bank. I know. There are a lot of restaurants where you may completely empty your bank account by ordering siu mai with abalone or dumplings made with shark fin (only if you are not an environmentalist).

The reality is that there are a great number of restaurants to choose from if you are looking for reasonably priced dim sum of a respectable standard. The ambiance of the venue and the level of service provided by the wait staff are probably going to suffer as a result of your decision. I don’t blame them for incredibly cramped spaces or an expected high turnover of customers because rental is highly expensive here in Hong Kong, and I don’t blame them either.

You shouldn’t have a heart attack when you see the bill as long as your expectations have been properly set in determining what you are in the mood for on that particular day. Sadly, the latter is something that may still occur at a good number of western and Japanese restaurants in this area.

What does dim sum taste like?

What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food The 25 Best Dim Sum Dishes List – 1 Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gow) are also known as Xiao Jiao (). The har gao, also known as the KING of dim sum, is the dish that serves as the standard by which all other dim sum restaurants in Southern China are judged.

The most iconic dish at each dim sum lunch, these dumplings are stuffed to the brim with springy shrimp, pig fat, and bamboo shoots, and then wrapped in a thin wrapper made of rice flour. I place an order for them each and every time! Simply evaluating how good the restaurant is at making har gao can give you a good idea of how good the restaurant is overall.

It should be springy and full of juice, but the outside should be dry and somewhat sticky. It should have a juicy and bouncy texture. My guilty pleasure is dipping them in chili sauce, also known as Làjio jiàng. I know better.2 Siu Mai – Shāomai – 烧卖 – Pork Dumplings The siu mai minced pork dumplings are yet another well-known delicacy associated with dim sum and an important component of every dim sum feast.

  1. These dumplings, which can be found in virtually any establishment serving dim sum, are highly addictive.
  2. These juicy dumplings bubble in your mouth with juice and are filled with minced pork, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts, and they are decorated with crab roe or sometimes even caviar.
  3. You won’t be able to stop eating them since they are so delicious! Even though I know it’s bad for me, I sometimes dip them in hot sauce.3 Fung Zao – Fèng zhuǎ – 凤爪 – Black Bean Sauce Chicken Feet Don’t be frightened! These are EXTREMELY YUMMY in every way! You might be hesitant to place an order for them, but believe me when I say you need to give them a go at least once! When chicken feet are steamed in a black bean sauce that is savory, somewhat sweet, and spicy, the sauce penetrates the succulent skin to such a depth that it is very pleasurable to take little bits of the fatty skin and the tendons that are contained within the chicken feet.4 Chaozhou Fun Guo – Cháozhōu fěn guǒ – 潮州粉粿 – Chaozhou dumplings Another well-known variety of dumpling that you should try is called the Chaohou Fun Guo.

This dumpling resembles a pouch and is packed with pork, cilantro, peanuts, mushrooms, and celery. What distinguishes fun guo from other similar dishes is the incredible breadth of flavors and textures it offers. This is another one of those must-order dishes when you go to a dim sum restaurant because of the contrast between the crunchy contents and the soft skin of the dumplings.5 Wrapped sticky rice and chicken in lotus leaves, also known as no mai gai or num ji.

  • At a dim sum restaurant, the no mai gai is among the meals that will leave you feeling the fullest and happiest after eating it.
  • Stunning lotus leaves are used to wrap steamed sticky rice, which is then stuffed with chicken, pork, and mushrooms and lightly seasoned with other ingredients.
  • It’s dense, really sticky, and quite tasty all at the same time! Another essential component of dim sum, you can find this dish at virtually any establishment that serves dim sum.6 Lo Bak Go – Luóbo gāo – 萝卜糕 – Turnip Cake In spite of the fact that it is mostly composed of batter made from rice flour and radish, the lo bak go dish served at dim sum restaurants is surprisingly delectable.
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The flavor from the Chinese ham that is combined within (it tastes like bacon!) and the sizzling, slightly smokey aroma that comes from the grill, together with a small crunch on the outside, are the main secrets behind the dish. Even though the lo bak gao isn’t my all-time favorite dish, I find that it’s surprisingly tasty and end up ordering it the majority of the time. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food Máhtàihgu is also known as Matiga0, which is short for water chestnut cake. More jelly like and delicious. Since the majority of people like either this cake or the turnip cake, it is beneficial to sample both of them, although on separate times. Wuhtàuhgōu – 芋頭糕 – Yutougao – Cantonese taro cake.

This one is far less sugary than the others, and the taro gives it a substantial amount of starch. Also really tasty! 7 Xiaolongbao, often known as soup dumplings and abbreviated as “XLB,” are shown here. There are many dim sum restaurants located all around Guangdong that provide the world-famous xiaolongbao dumplings.

These dumplings are said to be at their very finest in Shanghai. The XLB are packed to the gills with pork and stock, creating a potentially explosive situation for you and anybody else in the area. Be cautious. These are very hot and will explode on contact. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food Crab-filled Xiaolongbao dumplings are known by their Chinese name, Xiefen Xiaolongbao. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food Steamed rice topped with beef and eggs is known as 8 Wodan Niuroufan in Chinese. This dish is quite well-known in Southern China. On top of steamed rice, minced beef flavored with simple herbs and cilantro is presented with a raw egg as the centerpiece of the dish.

It’s really sticky and delicious at the same time! When you go to a classic dim sum restaurant, this dish will be presented to you in a bowl made of metal, and depending on the pace of the establishment, you may eat it as a complete meal. When not prepared this way, it is known as baozaifan and is presented as a separate type that is cooked in claypots.

This dish is an universe unto itself of wonderful treasure that is cooked in a claypot over high heat! Rice Noodle Rolls, Also Known as Cheong Fun Cheong fun, also known as rice noodle rolls, are one of the greatest cuisines that you should try. Rice flour water is slapped onto a heated metal tray and steamed while you put on the items of your choosing, such as shrimp, bbq pork, bean sprouts, or crispy bean curd skin. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food Hcheung is a type of rice noodle roll that often contains shrimp. Rice noodle rolls stuffed with beef are known as ngàuyuhk chéung. Rice noodle rolls filled with char siu barbecue pork are known as chsu chéung. Rice noodle rolls stuffed with crispy fried youtiao, known as Jaléung. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food 10 Sin Juk Gyun, also known as Xiansunjuan, are steamed tofu skin roll dumplings that are packed with various tasty fillings. The chicken or pork, plump mushrooms, bamboo shoots, radish, and taro are encased in tofu skin and then rolled up. In certain recipes, shrimp is also included.

These exquisite morsels may be dipped in oyster sauce. They are a wonderful complement to a dim sum spread that is already complete.11 Cha siu bao – – BBQ Pork Stuffed Buns A real cornerstone of Cantonese cuisine, these plump and somewhat sweet BBQ pork buns can be found in every dim sum restaurant in Guangzhou and the surrounding Guangdong province region of China.

They are known as “Cha siu bao.” At any yum cha event, you simply cannot go wrong by selecting these BBQ pork buns as your meal. A good chasiubao should have a somewhat sweet and sticky flavor, and it should be incredibly fluffy on the interior, loaded to the brim with juicy pieces of barbecued pork. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food Unlike the steamed and fluffy char siu bao, which are known as chashao canbao, they are more similar to a standard baked golden white bun that is loaded with barbecue pork. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food 12 Lìhnyùhngbāu – 莲蓉包 – Lianrongbao – Lotus seed bun Sweet lotus seed paste dim sum buns! There are many different kinds of sweet dim sum to sample, and the lianrongbao are among the very best of those options. You may complete off your order with something sweet to go along with all of the savory foods that you have selected by ordering either this bun or the well-known liushabao egg custard steamed bun.13 Làuhsābāau – 流沙包 – Liushabao – Molten egg custard buns One of the most famous examples of a sweet dim sum dish that can be ordered in Guangzhou is the liushabao.

It is one of the gooiest and most delectable sweet buns that you can get since it is loaded with a sweet and gooey salted egg yolk mixture that has been combined with butter and sugar. It has a highly custardy texture and a sugary flavor, and it is an essential dim sum dish that can be found on the menu of each chalou dim sum restaurant in Guangzhou.14 Malagao – 马拉糕 – Cantonese sponge cake The Cantonese sponge cake can be presented in the form of a tall tower on a plate or as squares cut into triangles steamed in a steamer basket.

This is a standard item served at the teahouse restaurants known as “chalou” that can be found all across Guangzhou. It is well-known for the hundreds of tiny bubbles that can be seen inside the cake. It has a pleasant taste, is really airy, and is quite addicting! 15 Dantat- 蛋挞 – Egg Tarts Bakeries all around the city sell egg tarts to go for hungry residents since egg tarts are famous all across Southern China and can be found at bakeries all throughout the city.

  1. The pastry crust on the outside is tender and flaky, and the egg custard on the inside is deliciously sweet and extremely delightful.16 Gam cin tou, also known as Jin qian du, is steamed beef tripe with black bean sauce.
  2. Don’t be frightened! Another steam-cooked dim sum meal that is renowned for its delectable flavor and must be sampled in Southern China is this one.

The honeycomb piece of the beef stomach is served in a bamboo steamer after being cooked in a beautifully aromatic and spicy black bean sauce. The honeycomb section of the beef stomach has a springy texture. There is nothing unusual about this at all; in fact, it seems appetizing and tastes appetizing, so why not give it a shot? This dish is a must-order while dining on dim sum! 17 nam jyu zing zyu shou is steamed pigs foot in fermented black bean sauce.

  • The dish is written as “” in Chinese.
  • When it comes to this one, texture is king! It is quite enjoyable to bite into the gelatinous fat that surrounds the pork knuckle and the whole pig’s foot because it is packed with a fermented black bean sauce that is softly sweet and aromatic.
  • As a result of the combination of pure fat and fragments of lean meat surrounding the knuckle, this steamed dim sum dish is incredibly hefty yet nevertheless quite pleasant! Must order! 18 Chiwei Zhengpaigu, also known as, is cooked spare ribs flavored with black bean paste and garlic.

These are quite well-known all over the southern region of China. A fermented black bean sauce, garlic, chile, and a small bit of sweet sauce are used to marinade pork spare ribs before they are cooked in the sauce. The combination has a fragrant, spicy, and sweet flavor.

  • The tender pork just comes off the spare rib bones, making for a really delightful eating experience.19 Hoeng ma zin deoi zai Stuffed sticky rice balls with sesame and served deep fried and in sesame oil.
  • The packed sesame deep-fried sticky rice balls are an absolute must-order when it comes to the restaurant’s dim sum menu.
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They are served very hot, are sticky, and are packed with sweet black sesame, which makes for a delectable Cantonese treat. They are quite full and golden brown in color, both of which help to highlight the flavor of toasted white sesame.20 spring rolls filled with chicken, also known as wat gai cheon gun ().

Rolls of springtime! Possibly the most well-known dim sum meal served outside of China and available at virtually every Chinese restaurant on the planet. They are really crispy, and within you’ll find a substantial filling of chicken and veggies. They are incredibly tasty. Deep-fried crab cakes with the number 21 on them.

Also known as “Hai Kim.” Also place your order for them! All of the shell from the crab claws, with the exception of the pincer, is removed, and the meat from either shrimp or crab is wrapped around the claws before being coated with bread crumbs and sometimes chopped almonds.

  • They are golden and tasty, and the sweet chili sauce that is given with them makes them taste even better.22 Lau lin sou – 榴莲酥 – Deep fried durian puffs The scent and golden brown crispiness of the deep-fried durian puffs make them a wonderful complement to any table full of dim sum.
  • This is true regardless of whether or not you have ever tried durian before or whether you have been a longtime fan of durian.

Once you’ve had a taste of durian, it’s difficult to stop eating because the sweet and spicy scent of durian overpowers your tastes and transports you to a whole new world of durian! 23 Suanrong zheng youyu is steamed garlic squid, which is written as in Chinese.

  1. The first time I had them, I was completely taken away by how easy they were to prepare and how tasty the squid tasted.
  2. They are cooked in a sauce that is somewhat spicy and made with chile garlic and combines very well with the slightly springy and soft squid.
  3. If you come across them on the menu of a dim sum restaurant, make sure you order them! I went to the Fung Shing restaurant in Mongkok and ordered a pretty tasty steamer of them there.24 Steamed beef meatballs topped with water chestnuts and cilantro are widely regarded as one of the most delectable dim sum meals.

Because of the water chestnut, they have a somewhat crunchy texture, and the cilantro lends them a bit of a fresh flavor. When they have been brought to your table, the waitress will bring some light soy sauce to your table and pour it over the gyoza for you.

  • They are incredibly tasty in every way! 25 Beef potsticker dumplings are the tip of the iceberg here.
  • One of the most well-known types of Chinese dumplings that you may sample is the wotip beef or pork potsticker dumpling.
  • They are cooked in oil until the outside becomes crispy, and then they are dipped in a red vinegar that is both sour and fresh at the same time.

In Mandarin, they are referred to as guotie. When you go to yum cha eateries, you’ll want to be sure to get these every time. What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food What Is Dim Sum Chinese Food

Is dim sum healthy?

A great number of dim sum meals have a high calorie count and are also heavy in fat and salt, both of which may be factors that contribute to an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. The high calorie content, as well as the high fat and salt content, of many dim sum meals may be factors that contribute to an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease.

Is dim sum the same as potstickers?

Pot Stickers, also known as Dim Sum or Chinese Dumplings, are likely your go-to appetizer selection while dining at your favorite Asian restaurant. And would you believe it? It’s quite simple. Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 10 minutes Total Time 40 minutes First Course: Canapés and Roast Pork Cooking style: Asian Chinese dumplings, dim sum, and pot stickers are some examples of this.

What’s the difference between wontons and dim sum?

The Key Distinguishing Characteristics of Wontons and Dim Sum – The name “dim sum” comes from the Cantonese phrase “tam shi ma,” which literally translates as “touch your heart.” This is due to the fact that the meal is intended to be distributed among a group of people, such as a family or a group of friends, in the same manner as you would do when seated at a table.

  • The majority of the items that make up dim sum are dumplings, which are often served in individual plates and can be stuffed with a variety of meats or veggies.
  • These dumplings are often served within a soup rather than as an appetizer on their own.
  • A wonton is a sort of dumpling that is often wrapped in a very thin layer of dough and may include either meat or veggies.

In a manner somewhat dissimilar to that in which dim sum is often presented, wontons can be prepared as either a soup or an appetizer. For further information, have a look at our helpful guide!

What is in dim sum dumplings?

The dish shown here is the Nepalese interpretation of the traditional Asian dumpling. It is traditionally steamed after being stuffed with ground pork and Asian spices, although it can also be fried or thrown into a stew.

Is dim sum served hot?

When it comes to the flavor of dim sum, one minute more or one minute less of steaming time makes a significant impact. You should consume them when they are hot. If you reheat them in the microwave at home, you will notice a significant shift in their tastes.

What is dim sum wrapped in?

We always order Dim Sum Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus leaves for Sunday dim sum. This dish is also known as Lo Mai Gai (in Cantonese) or Nuo Mi Ji (in Mandarin). It consists of steaming sticky rice and chicken that is wrapped in aromatic lotus leaves.

What is in dim sum dumplings?

The dish shown here is the Nepalese interpretation of the traditional Asian dumpling. It is traditionally steamed after being stuffed with ground pork and Asian spices, although it can also be fried or thrown into a stew.

Is dim sum healthy?

A great number of dim sum meals have a high calorie count and are also heavy in fat and salt, both of which may be factors that contribute to an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. The high calorie content, as well as the high fat and salt content, of many dim sum meals may be factors that contribute to an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease.

What goes with dim sum?

“Congee (rice porridge), which can be sweet or savory, and on the sweeter side, little egg or custard tarts and fried sesame balls, are frequent as well,” it is written.

How many types of dim sum are there?

Even though dim sum may be found in many various forms (even up to one hundred distinct sorts! ), and can be served in many parts of China, the cuisine is most strongly connected with the ‘chágun wénhuà’ teahouse culture that is prevalent in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province.