What Type Of Wine Goes With Chinese Food?

What Type Of Wine Goes With Chinese Food
Wines that Go Well With Chinese Food and How to Pair Them

  • Pair the Vegetable Lo Mein with a Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Malbec is a great pairing with beef and broccoli.
  • Lambrusco paired with chicken in a sesame sauce.
  • Chicken prepared in the style of General Tso.
  • Moscato is the perfect accompaniment to sweet and sour chicken.
  • Riesling is the perfect pairing for Kung Pao Chicken.
  • Pinot Noir is a great pairing with Peking Duck.
  • Grenache is the perfect complement to Mongolian beef.

Is Pinot Grigio good with Chinese food?

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, there was once an affordable Chinese restaurant that thrived for many years until it was driven out of business by rents that continued to steadily increase over time. In spite of serving cuisine that was rather standard, I have no doubt that its success was attributable to the fact that it included a complimentary glass of wine with lunch and supper.

  • The establishment was perpetually bustling with patrons nursing drinks in their hands while they gnawed on their Mou Shu pork.
  • It had to have been quite cheap considering that it came from gallon jugs.
  • I gave it a shot once, and while it was terrible (the wine, that is; the Mou Shu was just good), it was certainly successful in luring new customers.

This brings us to the subject that never seems to go away: what wine should you drink with Asian food in general, and Chinese food in particular, if your taste is a little bit more, uh, evolved than jug wine? Because the cuisine of Europe and the wine of Europe have developed at the same time over the course of millennia, they have established a natural symbiosis in which each contributes to the enhancement of the other.

  • I’m thinking of Indian curries and fiery Szechwan foods when I say this, but this is not the case in Asia, where alcohol has historically been based on grain, and some cuisines just do not go with wine.
  • These are dishes that go well with beer or whiskey.
  • But other than that, a good general rule to follow when picking a wine to pair with Asian cuisine is to adhere to the German and Alsatian varietals, such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc, regardless of where they are produced.
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This is a solid general rule. Although Chinese cuisine is immensely varied, the recommendations given above should be followed when selecting white wines. When selecting red wines, however, you should opt for wines with loads of ripe fruit and moderate acidity, such as New World Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz/Syrah, and Malbec.

Try one or more of these: the Alamos Selection Malbec 2012 costs $20. Mendoza, Argentina Sweet BBQ sauce should have these characteristics: it should be silky, succulent, and rich. Do not be scared to serve at a colder temperature. Alpha Estate Rosé 2014 $25 Florina, Greece It has a touch of sweetness, but don’t let that put you off because the delicious tropical fruit in it makes it the ideal accompaniment to lighter Chinese cuisine.

$20 for the Eroica Riesling from Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washington State. It is perfect for all except the spiciest of Chinese dishes, as well as all dishes from the nations that are located surrounding the South China Sea and the East China Sea, because it is loaded with bushels of tropical fruits.

Does champagne go with Chinese food?

There Is Never an Inappropriate Occasion for Bubbles – Champagne is the clear winner when it comes to pairing with Chinese food, and it doesn’t even have to be an expensive bottle. Scaffidi argues that some of the most exquisite Champagnes are produced by Charles Dufour, and that these Champagnes are also quite approachable.

  1. They have these wonderful wild labels, and in this day of bone-dry, zero-residual-sugar Champagnes, they’re terrific, and they’re enjoyable to drink,” said one reviewer.
  2. They have these gorgeous crazy labels.” Scaffidi is also a major fan of the organic, low-sulfur Champagne that André Beaufort makes.
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Beaufort uses homeopathic treatments on his vineyards, and Scaffidi admires this Champagne very much. He claims that these Champagnes have a touch of sweetness to them. [Case in point:] They go very well with the cuisine of China.

What wine goes well with General Tso chicken?

Red wines with a fruity and acidic profile, such as Zinfandel, Lambrusco, Beaujolais, or Pinot Noir, are the ideal accompaniments to General Tso’s Chicken. While the fruitiness of the red wine balances out the sweetness of the General Tso’s Chicken, the acidity of the wine slices cleanly through both the sauce and the pieces of chicken that have been deep fried.

When it comes to white wines, dry and crisp wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Sparkling wine are the best options for cooling down the heat of General Tso’s. To cut through the rich sauce that coats General Tso’s Chicken, you’ll need a wine that’s either red or white, but it should have a good deal of acidity.

Wine and General Tso Chicken: A Complementary Pairing – Drink and Pair – YouTube Drink and Match: The Perfect Combinations of Food and Wine 23 registered users Drink and Pair: General Tso’s Chicken with the Perfect Bottle of Wine Watch this space! Copy and share the link for information on shopping Tap to unmute If the playback doesn’t start after a short amount of time, you should try restarting your device.

Does Rose wine go with Chinese food?

Rosé, thanks to its smooth, fruity flavor, easy-to-drink nature, and light weight, as well as its enticing scents that are reminiscent of berries, is an excellent complement to a wide range of culinary preparations. Image courtesy of Inter Rh’ne and featuring Lionel Moulet When you are eating barbecue or other meat meals like seared beef or smoked salmon, it makes for a delicious side dish and is a wonderful addition.

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In addition, rosé is a delicious complement to tomato-based foods like pasta and pizza, as well as light and refreshing tomato salads. A glass of rosé is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of Asian specialties, including edamame, fried prawns, dumplings, and Chinese-style salad, which consists of freshly cut veggies seasoned with vinegar, salt, and other spices.

On the other hand, spicy Chinese meals, Thai appetizers, and soft goat cheese all benefit from the addition of sparkling rosé to their wine pairings since it enhances the flavor of the cuisine’s unusual elements. Its energizing bubbles and delicious scents go particularly well with berry fruits and sweets like chocolate cakes and chocolate-coated strawberries.

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What wine goes well with General Tso chicken?

Red wines with a fruity and acidic profile, such as Zinfandel, Lambrusco, Beaujolais, or Pinot Noir, are the ideal accompaniments to General Tso’s Chicken. The sweetness of the General Tso’s Chicken is balanced out by the fruitiness of the red wine, while the acidity of the wine cuts through the thick sauce and the pieces of chicken that have been deep fried.