Where Do You Buy Chinese Food In Yokai Watch?

Where Do You Buy Chinese Food In Yokai Watch
In Yo-kai Watch, there is a category of food known as Chinese food. You’ll find it for sale in the Sun Pavilion, which is directly opposite the North Wind Ramen. There, have a conversation with Sunny about purchasing Chinese food. Yo-kai that have a taste for Chinese cuisine Alloo Azure Dragon B3-NK1 Benkei Chymera Compunzer Contrarioni Dandoodle Draggie Dragon Lord Elloo Frazzel King Enma Kyryn Lamedian Lie-in Lie-in Heart Lord Enma Manjimutt Mirapo Mircle Multimutt Nurarihyon Pride Shrimp Sir Berus Sproink Suspicioni Tantroni Tigappa Wotchagot Zappary is the word.

What is the Chinese food in Yo-Kai Watch 2?

The cuisine of China

Food How to Get Effect
Liver & Chives Buy from Sun Pavilion in Shopper’s Row Restores 70 HP
Crab Omelet Buy from Sun Pavilion in Shopper’s Row Restores 100 HP
Chili Shrimp Buy from Sun Pavilion in Shopper’s Row Restores 140 HP
Mapo Tofu Sometimes available from Sun Pavilion in Shopper’s Row Restores 180 HP

Where can I find ramen in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Carrots: Yo-kai will like you a little bit more if you eat them. $1.00 Cucumber: Yo-kai will like you some. $1.00 Bamboo Shoot: Yo-kai will like you a lot. $5.00 Matsutake: Yo-kai will like you a ton. $120.00 Where one can purchase: The first three may be purchased at Greene’s Greens, which is located in the Shopper’s Row shopping neighborhood on Flower Road.

What is Frostina favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Frostina Charming Sweets

What is the food Yo-kai?

A ball of plum-flavored rice. Food, which is referred to as Tabemono in the Japanese version of the Yo-kai Watch games, is a category of items. They may be used to cure the health of a player’s Yo-kai companion, while beverages can be used to refill their Soultimate Gauge.

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What is Dulluma favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Dulluma Tough Breads

What is Hidabat favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Hidabat Shady Meats

What is steppa favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Steppa Heartful Ramen

What food does Cupistol like?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Cupistol Mysterious Breads

What food does Benkei like?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Benkei Brave Chinese Food

What is OL fortune favorite food?

Ol’ Fortune

Name Tribe Fav. Food
Ol’ Fortune Heartful Milks

What is Goruma favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Goruma Tough Breads

What is Multimutt favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Multimutt Eerie Chinese Food

What is Heheheel favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Heheheel Slippery Meats

Where can I find ramen in yo Kai watch?

Ramen Cup may be purchased in the Everymart Uptown Springdale Branch, the Everymart Blossom Heights Branch, the Everymart Downtown Springdale Branch, and the Everymart Breezy Hills Branch.

What is Chansin favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Chansin Brave Seafood