Why Does Chinese Food Give You Diarrhea?

Why Does Chinese Food Give You Diarrhea
Consuming foods that contain a lot of sugar might give you diarrhea. When people consume foods that are high in sugar, water is drawn into their intestines. This can cause their stools to become extremely watery and loose. In addition to being a component of table sugar, fructose can also be found in its natural state in fruits.

Why are some people allergic to MSG?

Chinese Food Diarrhea

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a taste enhancer. Many canned meals, Chinese cuisine, and processed meats have it as an additional ingredient. Additionally, it can be found in several fruits, vegetables, and cheeses in their natural state. Although the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has determined that MSG is safe when it is added to meals, there have been reports of individuals developing allergic symptoms after swallowing it.

Many medical professionals contend that a person might have an allergy to MSG despite the fact that the “allergic response” is not IgE-mediated. IgE is an antibody that plays a role in the immune system’s initiation of an allergic response. It is not possible to classify this condition as a real allergy because the symptoms associated with MSG do not involve the immune system.

Similar to gluten sensitivity, the vast majority of medical professionals consider it to be a sensitivity rather than an allergy. This sensitivity is also often referred to as the “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” or the “MSG Sensitivity Syndrome.” In most cases, symptoms of an MSG sensitivity involve the digestive system; nevertheless, these symptoms can also manifest on the skin.